Breaking: Judge tosses NY’s new rearranged maps and declares them unconstitutional

A Steuben County judge has rescinded the recently redrawn congressional and legislative maps for New York and instructed the state legislature to “submit bipartisan maps” by April 11.

In an 18-page ruling, Acting State Supreme Court Justice Patrick F. McAllister said the maps, drawn every 10 years after the last U.S. census, were unconstitutional and politically signed by the Democrat-controlled government. legislature.

McAllister said the cards are “void and unusable”.

The state legislature began drawing the cards in January after the state-sanctioned Independent Redistricting Commission, which was created after an amendment to the state constitution in 2014, failed to reach agreement on a series of bipartisan parties. The hope among good government groups for the creation of the IRC was to take politics out of the map-making process and avoid partisan gerrymandering.

If no new maps are filed by April 11, the court will hire its own people to sign them at state expense to create its own regraded maps, McAllister wrote.

Brigid Bergin reported. This is a breaking story. Come back for more updates.

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